Over the years I have seen Physiotherapists  Osteopaths and Chiropractor who have played their part in keeping me active. About five years ago I was experiencing pain in my right arm , my GP suggested  tennis elbow, so I went to see Sarah Brimble, and through exercise and massage my tennis elbow was resolved, and I have not suffered since.

Over the past five years I continue to visit Sarah usually every six weeks for general aches and pains or joint stiffness  with either massage or manipulation she keeps me mobile.  Eighteen month ago I had open heart surgery, a stent and a couple of bypass’s implanted, Sarah has help my recovery especially with my ribs.

Sarah’s knowledge of the human body combined with her explanation for the reason the pain is in a particular  area,  never fails to amaze me, she is totally professional but with a friendly personality making you feel comfortable from the start of treatment , I feel the benefit of  regular body maintenance sessions with her.

Chris R. (66, retired)


I have known Sarah for 6/7 years and experienced most of her offerings. I have regularly attended her Pilates classes which are excellent as Sarah walks around the class and checks and corrects people's positions. 

More recently Sarah has been treating my bad shoulder with Physio and massage. I'm a  bad client as I don't always follow instructions! Sarah's Physio has helped my shoulder and her focused massage, whilst painful, has been very effective. The range of movement has improved and it is less painful. 

Amanda M. (52, office worker)


I have attended various Pilates classes and I have to say that I find Sarah’s classes are by far the best. The fact that she is a qualified physio means that I am confident that I am in safe hands. During each class, Sarah gives options for people who may have injuries but also challenges for those who want to push themselves.

Sarah has several playlists for her classes and I enjoy them all. She has a great sense of humour and her classes are friendly and fun.

At the end of each class I feel I have had a whole body workout and lots of much needed stretching. I look forward to my three Pilates classes each week...love them!

Judith B. (55, Retired)


I started Pilates with Sarah a few years ago to work on improving my movement and general fitness in a bid to combat the damage I do to my body just by sitting at my desk everyday. What she has helped me achieve has far exceeded my initial expectations.

Sarah creates tailored, and importantly varied, training sessions that are simultaneously fun and hard work and constantly increasing in difficulty and scope. I've seen significant changes in my flexibility, balance and core strength doing exercises I never thought I would be capable of. 

Sarah is energetic, supportive and encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set.  I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone.

Ritesh P. (33, Accountant)

Fit Mammas

October 2017: I have attended both Sarah's Ante Natal and Post Natal classes and would recommend them without hesitation. I am generally a fairly fit person but due to illness I had gone into this pregnancy not feeling as strong as I would have liked. Attending Sarah's classes helped me gain strength as well as prepare my body for the challenge of late pregnancy and birth. 

Being able to attend the post natal class with my daughter has also meant I have been able to get back to doing some amount of regular exercise while in a relaxed and friendly environment. Sarah is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the exercise she teaches and coupled with her willingness to pick up a crying baby mid class makes her sessions a real joy to attend. I will be sad when my little lady is too old to take along!

Amy A. (Mum to Gladys, 4, and Audrey, 6 months)


This is a fantastic class and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for postnatal fitness. I attended the class after having my third child and over the years I haven't found anything else that compares to Fit Mamas. The class is safe, fun, energetic, upbeat and rewarding. The fact you can take your baby along means you can get back into exercising earlier than you may have thought possible. I have to say, at first I was dubious about taking my daughter along to a fitness class but it really works! All the babies seem very happy to sleep, watch, roll around etc.. and Sarah, being a mum herself, is brilliant at helping if any of the babies need a cuddle! Don't hesitate, give it a go....

Laura D. (mum to 2 fab kiddies)


I just wanted to write a small thank you to Sarah who runs Fit Mammas. Having loved exercising before and during my pregnancy, I was dying to get back to it and I wanted something that would be a good workout but with someone who understands how far to push a body recovering from labour and pregnancy. Sarah is awesome!! The set up can't be beaten as you take your baby and when they're very little they are soothed and sleep through the class (or if not can be cuddled or fed or bounced by Sarah while you work out) and she gives you a proper workout, with different levels to suit your fitness and energy levels that day. The class it set to great music, and is relaxed, fun and one of my favourite things to do during the week, and so much needed to help unwind after a long night or challenging day. Sarah I should be with you on tomorrow, looking forward to it already! Thanks so much for helping me get back in shape!

Bella T. (mum to Abigail, 4 months)


Having decided to get healthy and fit after having my daughter, I have started attending Sarah's Fit Mammas class on a Wednesday. Sarah the instructor, is so friendly, motivational and professional and I can honestly say I'm really enjoying the classes. Shes always on hand to help out if any of the babies become unsettled. The studio also has lots of useful baby equipment such as bumbo seat, jumperoo etc. Thanks to this class I have been able to start working on my fitness alot sooner than I thought possible, with childcare not always being easily accessible.

Lorraine K. (fab new mummy)


I've been attending Sarah's class for 4 months now and it's a real highlight of my week. I thought it would be impossible to do a decent exercise class with my baby in tow but Sarah is so accommodating and will do her best to settle the babies should they need it. The classes are brilliant and there are a number of options for levels of fitness. It's a great opportunity to meet other new mums whilst burning off those extra calories from all the coffee and cake!!! Sarah's expertise as a Pilates instructor and physio gives you confidence in exercising in those early weeks post baby. Love the classes!

Annette C. (mum to Holly, 5 months)

Sarah has a kind and gentle approach to fitness. Sarah understands your needs and will guide you through your training, with her sound knowledge and experience. You will soon find yourself buying into Sarah's infectious love of exercise and getting the results you deserve. If you are looking for a trainer/physio I highly recommend.

Gary Kemish (FRESH Gym owner and MD)


Sarah's small group circuit training is an absolutely brilliant class.  After the birth of my second child, I really struggled to find a way to keep fit that worked for me,so I feel very grateful to have found Sarah's class.  the classes totally de-stress me after a demanding week and give me lots of energy for the rest of my weekend.  This is a small miracle considering how exhausted I often feel before the classes.  As a secondary supply teacher, counselling student and mum of small children, I desperately need a time-efficient and fun way to look after my body as well as some time to myself.  Sarah is a warm and inspiring trainer; she loves researching new ways to work out so that I just need to turn up and follow her lead, and I never get bored.  I would thoroughly recommend this class.  It is also the most social and friendly class that I have ever attended, so that just adds to it's appeal.  Thank you so much Sarah.  

Bonnie G. September 2018

For the last 18 months I have been part of a group PT session run by Sarah. It started as a group of post natal women wanting to get back into shape and has kept going since! Not only is Sarah a delight to spend an hour a week with, but she makes sure that every session is tailored to the requirements and wishes of each of the participants. She really goes out of her way to accommodate us and her knowledge as a physio has proven to be invaluable.  No two classes are the same and the time flies by as we get fitter and have fun at the same time!

Rachael B. (mum to Eva, 2, and Edie, 6 weeks)

Personal Training