Increasing core stability, strength and flexibility, and improving your health and well-being - Body Reconnect offers a flexible schedule of physical therapies, fitness and Pilates classes & 1-2-1s, for all the family including ante- and post-natal mums, and children.


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Post-natal & Ante-natal

Body Reconnect’s Fit Mammas post-natal class provides a safe and fun environment to welcome you back to exercise (or maybe introduce you to exercise!) after you have had a baby.
Maternally Fit's ante-natal classes are formulated specifically for the pregnant ladies changing body and have a focus on pelvic floor strength and core stability.


Pilates is about being mindful as you work, and this class will help you to reconnect with your body through correct breathing techniques, increased postural awareness, and a wide range of strength and flexibility exercises.
It is relaxing… but don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t going to be hard work too!


Aches and pains can be counter-productive to health and exercise goals, and Body Reconnect has a friendly approach to coaching clients through injuries and back to full function, using Physiotherapy and Deep Tissue Massage.

Personal Training

Body Reconnect is passionate about you feeling positive about your body image. We know how challenging this can be during pregnancy and after you have had a baby (weeks, months... even years later!), and that is why Body Reconnect specialises in personal training during pregnancy and in the post-natal period.

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