Sarah Brimble


Body Reconnect was founded and is run by Sarah Brimble, a Shepperton based, HPC registered Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor.

Sarah has witnessed the difference that exercise makes first hand whilst recovering from injuries, pregnancy and childbirth, and coping with every day life as a mum, as well as post-natal depression and changed body-image. Sarah is passionate about all types of exercise (especially Pilates), in promoting health for children, seniors, office workers, labourers, athletes, new mums, and everyone in between!

Having graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy in 2008, Sarah went on to train as a Pilates instructor with the APPI, and a Sports Massage therapist with the ISRM. After a few years of rehabilitating Spider monkeys in the Bolivian jungle (most of whom were much better behaved than Sarah's current three charges), Sarah has spent the last 7 years working as a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer, as well as teaching Pilates and Pregnancy and Post-Natal exercise classes.



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